The Brand New Christmas Dinner How To Guide.

Here are  Facebook page links for all the previous Christmas Dinners   1. Manchester 2. Hackney  3.Leeds  4. Liverpool 5. Oxfordshire.    A few months ago representatives from each dinner came together in  Southend.  That's us in the photographs.  We spent days comparing and contrasting our dinners. We now have a brand new  Christmas Dinner How To Guide. It's everything you need to put on a Christmas Dinner in your area for vulnerable 18 - 25 year old care leavers. Scroll through Read more [...]

Inspired? I need you.

The best thing I’ve ever done  is to organize Christmas Dinners for Care Leavers between the ages of 16 and 30. This year I’ve created a HOW TO GUIDE which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. Itl shows how rigorous we are in every detail of The Christmas Dinner and how you can do it too. This year The Christmas Dinner will be in  Leeds,  East London & Manchester.  I will be at all the meetings.    We need people with a can do, problem solving,  attitude.  People are the greatest resource of Read more [...]