The Christmas Dinners were set up with the intention that no care leaver would be left alone on Christmas Day. Inspired by TOPE in 2012 The Christmas Dinners began in Manchester in 2013, and in the years following there have been Christmas Dinners in Manchester, Leeds, London, Liverpool, and Oxford and is continuing to grow with an amazing 12 Christmas Dinners across the country in 2017 and 17 in 2018..

2013 Manchester .  2014 Manchester and hackney. 2015 Manchester, hackney and Leeds.  2016 Manchester Hackney Leeds Liverpool and Oxford . 2017: Leeds,  Canterbury,   Wirral, Richmond, Manchester, Islington, Sheffield Birmingham hackney, East Sussex, Oxford and Stockport

The Christmas Dinners is not a charity or a Social Enterprise, nor an organisation. It is a project organised entirely by an independent group of volunteers in each  area who come together, with planning taking place between September and December each year. The volunteers arrange a venue, presents, a chef, food, transport, volunteers and often so much more – they create magic and memories that will last a life time.

The Christmas Dinners is an opportunity for the community to take responsibility for care leavers on Christmas Day.

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