All The Christmases in all the world.

I'm eating breakfast at The Chancellors Hotel on Christmas Eve because this year I'm attending The Manchester Christmas Dinner. Whoop Whoop This is a movement. The Christmas Dinners are lighting up the country.  They come to life  because  of dedicated steering group members who've been meeting (since september!)  throughout the dark days of winter. It is  their community spirit,  team work  and self belief. Each dinner has a facebook page. Click on the links to see  Birmingham, Canterbury, Read more [...]

An outbreak of kindness all over the UK.

Through restoring community, renewing civic life and claiming our place in the world, we build a society in which our extraordinary nature – our altruism, empathy and deep connection – is released. A kinder world stimulates and normalises our kinder values. -  George Monbiot We mobilise local communities across the UK to put on scrumptious and magical Christmas Day dinners for care leavers  turning Christmas into a time to cherish.   It takes one person ( How to Guide)  to start a Christmas Read more [...]

A little help from my friends. Crowdfund.

In this blog I am going to make you feel good (possibly)  and ask for your help. The Christmas Dinner for care leavers was inspired by The Tope Project in 2012. . In 2013 the first Christmas dinner was held in  Manchester. In 2014 Manchester and Hackney. In 2015 Manchester, Hackney and Leeds and in 2016 a Christmas dinner took place for care leavers in Manchester, London, Leeds, Liverpool and Oxford. Here’s a BBC piece that went on Christmas Day 2016. So far in Read more [...]

A Message from the Oxford Christmas Dinner Group.

Dear reader The Oxford Christmas Dinner team are incredible and they've done some amazing work in making a brilliant Christmas Dinner last year.   I received this message in September and wish them all well for the future. "Dear Lemn,  We would like to let you know after much consideration, The Oxfordshire Christmas Dinner Steering Group have decided they are unable to commit the time needed to host a Christmas dinner in 2017. The incredible network of volunteers and academic institutions that Read more [...]

The Brand New Christmas Dinner How To Guide.

Here are  Facebook page links for all the previous Christmas Dinners   1. Manchester 2. Hackney  3.Leeds  4. Liverpool 5. Oxfordshire.    A few months ago representatives from each dinner came together in  Southend.  That's us in the photographs.  We spent days comparing and contrasting our dinners. We now have a brand new  Christmas Dinner How To Guide. It's everything you need to put on a Christmas Dinner in your area for vulnerable 18 - 25 year old care leavers. Scroll through Read more [...]

“Am I Dreaming?”

Thanks for reading my blog posts. I wish you well this year.  I hope to make these blog posts  more interesting in 2017.   I can’t guarantee the fluidity of grammar you may find in finer writers. But I hope that in the apparatus you'll find me and my world.  There is a subscribe button and there is also an unsubscribe button.   You'll have heard a lot about The Christmas Dinners.  The  only video from The Christmas Dinners  came from Oxford.  A young  film maker called Adam Hale shot Read more [...]

From The Stars To The Stars by TV writer Sally Abbott.

"From The Stars To The Stars” Is a video of TV celebrities made exclusively  for Care Leavers on Christmas Day at Lemn Sissay’s Christmas Dinners.  This is a guest blog post from the woman who makes it happen each year: Sally Abbott. Since meeting Lemn seventeen years ago I’ve become a writer. Something he’s always encouraged in me. For the last eight years I’ve written EastEnders, Casualty, Holby City, Doctors and now my own BBC show, The Coroner.   I thought what I could possibly Read more [...]

How to Change The World: One Day at a Time..

Oxford. Leeds.  Liverpool.  Manchester. London.   Who is spreading love? Who is changing the world on our doorstep? Is it al the volunteers from the London Christmas Dinner in the above photo?   Is it the vice Chancellor of Oxford University  who  supports The Christmas Dinner for care leavers in Oxford (pic on left) or the owners of the majestic Queens Hotel  in Leeds who have given all the food for The Leeds Christmas dinner for Care Leavers? (pic of team on right)    Or is it Subrina Read more [...]

42 days: The aeronautical engineer, Oscar Wilde and a BAFTA nomination.

This blog covers 42 days from Sept 6th October 18th and includes the one year landmark since my installation as Chancellor of University of Manchester.  From The Institute of Directors on the roof tops of Pall Mall in London to  The Bishops Palace,  from Alula Pankhurst in Toronto to aeronautical engineer, politician, and diplomat the executive director of Oxfam Chief Winnie Byanyima, the people and places I've been to  this month conspire  to inspire me.  We begin on  September 6th  at  Read more [...]