The Christmas Dinner 2016: We crowdfund goodwill.

The Christmas Dinner is in the Observer today as one of fifty new radical ideas. So here's where The Christmas Dinners are at:    This year The Christmas Dinner will be in Oxford, London Liverpool Leeds and Manchester. This may change. I hope more people do it. It is easier to say you'll do it than actually do it.  I define Christmas Dinner as  including presents, taxis to pick up and drop off the young people, professional chef, top class food and waiter service,  holiday food to take home. Read more [...]

Two hundred and forty two days.

More of the above later. It's two weeks since 228 days. I begin in beautiful Cornwall at The Charles Causeley Festival. I love reading poems on stage . It doesn't matter where I am or if it's a big event or a small one. This is the hotel in Truro:  My room is the one with the open window. Meanwhile in Washington DC the video made by University of Manchester to mark my installation as chancellor  was presented with  a Grand Gold Award at the international Council for Advancement and Support Read more [...]

University of Manchester. My first 100 days as Chancellor.

On stage at the launch of the the film Suffragette alongside Helen Pankhurst. Speaking at  the student Union at University of Manchester. Speaking to 600 trainee teachers at University Place at University of  Manchester With BBC Philarmonic in Salford for  ten pieces live lessons:  The  BBC's best ever music education initiative. Keynote at Digital Manchester conference Speaking with students and arts workers at Islington Arts and media College Speaking at North West Schools Led Conference Read more [...]

The Care Leavers Christmas Video

Thank you so much to all those who gave  generously to The Christmas Dinner appeal.   Here are some of the people from the Christmas dinner that you helped create. Thankyou also  to each  person and company who contributed  presents, beautiful venues and scrumptious food.  Thanks to the chefs and volunteers and to each steering group in Hackney Leeds and Manchester. And to Pure Insight in Stockport. Thanks. Read more [...]

In Angel amongst Angels: Christmas Dinner & me.

I used to  practice holding my breath so that when the day came  I could  hold it for the full 24 hours. Then the day came: Christmas Day. Fortunately I love Christmas now.  For the past three years I’ve helped initiate and organize The Christmas Dinners for Care Leavers. This year it's in  Leeds, Manchester and Hackney. Each Christmas Dinner team gives their  time and skills in eight meetings from October to December We have two aims In the three months leading up to the day: To provide Read more [...]

Six Days in The USA – 30th Nov – 6th Dec.

I received an official  welcome from Mayor of Takoma Park and Members of Congress of the USA made possible by Mr. Tebabu Assefa.  The largest Ethiopian community outside of  Ethiopia live in Takoma Park - The written resolution, commendation and proclamations are at the end of this post. I received  citation  from Congressman Chris Van Hollen. Above is the cover but the full citation at the end And  from member of Congress Michael M. Honda I received a commendation. The full commendation Read more [...]


What is The Christmas Dinner? It’s a Christmas Dinner for care leavers. Why not call it The Care leavers Christmas Dinner then? Would you want to come if it was called that!? Hey I’m asking the questions. What is a care leaver? A care leaver is a person over the age of 18 who has been looked after away from home by a local authority. Why did you start “The Christmas Dinner? Because I remember how hard Christmases were for me when I left care. So how many Christmas Dinners have you done and Read more [...]

The Three Christmas Dinners – Contact details

This is my absolute favorite project.  Click for the HOW TO GUIDE. The  aim of the Christmas dinner is that the community come together for the care leaver. There are three Christmas Dinners running this year.   All contact details are below.  Please share this page as much as possible. For the London Christmas Dinner for Care Leavers  write to Katrina Krishnan Doyle at     For the Manchester Christmas Dinner for Care Leavers write to Read more [...]

Inspired? I need you.

The best thing I’ve ever done  is to organize Christmas Dinners for Care Leavers between the ages of 16 and 30. This year I’ve created a HOW TO GUIDE which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. Itl shows how rigorous we are in every detail of The Christmas Dinner and how you can do it too. This year The Christmas Dinner will be in  Leeds,  East London & Manchester.  I will be at all the meetings.    We need people with a can do, problem solving,  attitude.  People are the greatest resource of Read more [...]

Merry Christmas to Leeds Manchester & London (So far…)

Hiya and a Merry Christmas to you. It's a bit early for the “Merry Christmas” bombshell but hear me out   This year I’m coordinating three Christmas Dinners for care leavers. One in Leeds one in Manchester and one in East London. Wanna help?   If you are in these areas and can commit to between seven and ten meetings over the last 3 months of 2015 - no need  to be there on Christmas Day - then let me know in the comments below this blog. Christmas Day can be the saddest most distraught Read more [...]