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The Lemn Sissay Foundation! The what? The Lemn Sissay Foundation! “Who the heck does he think he is?”. When a group of friends respectfully asked to set up a foundation in my name to raise and give money to the Christmas dinners, flattery trumped common sense and I said yes

But after a little time I realised it was wrong. If I was dead then it would make sense, but I’m alive.  So I put it to the trustees that I wanted the name changed. That was a year ago. I’ve not been able to mention this until now but the name has changed. It is  The Gold From The Stone Foundation .  There is no Lemn Sissay Foundation. Long live Gold from the Stone.  The real reason I wanted it gone is because it felt pompous and  difficult to share with other people.

There were seventeen Christmas Dinners in the UK last year. This will be our sixth year. We have gone from one Dinner in Manchester in 2013 to seventeen last year.  It is all communitydriven.  The affect on public awareness about the care leaver at Christmas has been as valuable as the affect of the dinners on the guests. And that’s the point. It’s not just a Christmas Dinner. It’s all about the detail.

We have a brilliant set of Trustees. They are Angela Samata, Parvinder Sohal, Vikas Shah, Simon Ruding and myself. The  foundation details are here.  We are ready for Christmas 2019.  If you want a Christmas dinner in your area then your first meeting will be  in late September/early October.  Ask your friends about it over summer,  just see if they might be  interested. Build a secret list. And when September comes you’ll have a list of warm people to meet as the cold draws in. But please read the How To Guide. We will support you!

5 thoughts on “The Gold From The Stone Foundation”

  1. I can think of many adjectives to describe you Lemn but pompous never ever entered the list ,Many thanks for all you have done and continue to do to improve life for many who have suffered for no fault of thier own,Best wishes to all involved in the trust.

  2. Long live the Gold from Stone Foundation! Lemn Sissay, you are truly amazing. Inspire and be inspired: I am thinking of starting Christmas dinners for street kids and orphans in Addis.

  3. Hi all
    Is there a plan for Christmas Dinner this year? How do I find out which areas? Would like to contribute somehow

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