To All The Christmas Dinner Teams.

Dear Christmas Dinner Steering Groups

Seventeen days to go.   How you’re doing?  You are incredible for making this happen.  I love it because it is such a positive  shining light throughout the  Winter.

One of the central tenants of The Christmas Dinner is that steering group members are kind to each other, frank but kind. Kindness should underpin all communications: Kindness and fun.  There’s a lot of work and we need to support each other cause Christmas is stressful enough.  When I look at you, Richmond, Leeds, Manchester and all others I hear the phrase “We’ve Got This”. High standards are the life-blood of The Christmas Dinners and you have delivered time and time again.

Some of you may be worried about the number of referrals. Don’t worry. There’ll be a late run for places.   You’ll all have a venue by now? What is the smell of the place? Have you got candles that can fill the room with that Christmas smell before the visitors arrive?     Have you sorted out a film room and a projector for the films? Have you got a PlayStation or X Box with games and a large flat screen TV for people to play games on?    Is there an area for the young parents with children and someone qualified to manage that area?

And what about the greeter?   Greeters are the first people to meet the guests. Maybe there should be one outside to greet and one inside the door to take the guest to the register.What is the sound of the place?  There has to be Christmas tunes playing?    Have you got snacks for the young adults when they arrive, Coca-Cola, and teas, sandwiches, sausage rolls (whatever) and/or fizzy drinks which they like on Christmas Day. When they’ve arrived pack the snacks away so they aren’t too full for the dinner.

Everything we do  is to make the guests feel special. Have you got all your volunteers for the wrapping day and preparation day on Christmas Eve? Don’t forget to order pizzas for the wrapping and preparation day. It’s hungry work.  And the taxis. Remember you will be the first person (from te dinner) to call the young people. The greeters are the first to meet them. Make sure you call them the day before Christmas.   They still may still be in bed when the taxi arrives on Christmas Day.   Make sure the taxi’s know about that.

Christmas Eve is the perfect time for local TV or newspapers to visit. Don’t forget to take photos and upload them to the Facebook page. Our Facebook and twitter updates show our progress.   When in doubt refer to The How To Guide:  All the answers are there.     This is an iceberg project. The actual dinner is the glorious picaresque tip.  But holding it up is the solid community of frozen water beneath.

And finally the video. 1. Film setting up the room for the dinner wrapping presents and dressing room 3. Film leaving at the end. 4. film of (Kitchen/games room/) 5. Shots of dinner 6. Film Karaoke 7. Film questions a) Where would you have been. B) And how was the day for you.   Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t forget to update that Facebook page. You can find all the Christmas Dinners contact details, Facebook and twitter in the tab CHRISTMAS PRESENT on this webpage. And music? You have to have music. What’s Christmas without cheesy tunes?



4 thoughts on “To All The Christmas Dinner Teams.”

  1. I’m so looking forward to being part of Barnsley’s first Christmas Dinner having volunteered at Leeds last year. I saw the amazing result of all the hard work put in for the young people who had an amazing day !! I feel so proud to be part of this fantastic project.

  2. Hi Lemn

    For the past two years South Gloucestershire council has organised a Christmas dinner for care leavers (36 attended in 2018). The features that I think make ours stand out are:
    – We hired a pub/restaurant and provide a full Christmas dinner.
    – Each care leaver received a pillow case with presents that had been specifically chosen for them (Average value £50)
    – We are a rural area and taxis are not practical on Christmas Day in this area, so 36 council staff volunteered to drive care leavers to and from the party.
    – the cost of the party (£10,000) was raised by council staff through activities.
    – Our senior staff and head of the Council attended the party in 2018.

    We are now planning this years party and have begun fundraising. Please can you tell me of any help that your foundation could give us.

    1. Nigel I am really sorry for the late reply. WHT YOU AHVE DONE IS BRILLIANT. The Gold From The Stone Foundation is open for applications I think.
      We are trying to get its website up adn running. For now please write to Thanks

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