Will Your Company Support The Christmas Dinners?

Dear reader,

In 2013 we started with one Christmas Dinner in Manchester.  Now there are 17 across the nation for 800 young ‘care leaves’.   They were once in Childrens  Homes and foster care but at eighteen many are alone. They are  between 18 and 25 years old. We provide them with a scrumptious meal and a day of festivities and presents.

We have a crowd fund campaign to raise £30,000  by December 31st for The Christmas Dinners.  We have £16,14 kindly donated so far with grateful thanks.  We have 24 days to reach the £30,000. I am writing  to appeal to organisations and companies. Might you consider The Christmas Dinners for a Donation of 2k, 3k, 4k or 5k this Christmas?

There are no worker costs,  no admin costs and no building costs. Every single penny goes to The Christmas Dinners.  If you want an in depth view please take a look at The How To Guide and peruse this  Website.  Or even just google the following  “The Christmas Dinners”+”Lemn Sissay”

If you would like one to one meetings or a phone conversation then please write to Simon Ruding or Mary McGuigan at  admin@thechristmasdinners.org.uk . £30,000 will fund 15 Christmas Dinners at £2,000 per dinner – it is for contingency funds – and what doesn’t get used this year rolls over to the next.

Crowdfund allow money to be raised by a registered charity which is why we set up   The Lemn Sissay Foundation – to  serve The Christmas Dinners – a registered  Charity No: 1175167.    “At its most simple the Christmas dinner offers a memory so that next year the young person can look back and think I was worth something.”

I hope you can help.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Best Wishes

Lemn Sissay

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  1. So happy this endeavour has has thrived. Thank you Lemn and all your volunteers. I have supported this from the beginning and am delighted to do so again. I will try to share this post. It’s great to have these Christmas events but sad in a way that they are necessary.

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