“Am I Dreaming?”

Thanks for reading my blog posts. I wish you well this year.  I hope to make these blog posts  more interesting in 2017.   I can’t guarantee the fluidity of grammar you may find in finer writers. But I hope that in the apparatus you’ll find me and my world.  There is a subscribe button and there is also an unsubscribe button.   You’ll have heard a lot about The Christmas Dinners.  The  only video from The Christmas Dinners  came from Oxford.  A young  film maker called Adam Hale shot the video on Christmas Day then edited and uploaded it in the following two days as per the How Too Guide.   Spearheaded by George Mendelssohn and Dan Harris The Oxford organizing team first met  in October.  The team  galvanized the people of Oxford to make a  memorable event.

There are many unique aspects to The Christmas Dinners most importantly and  above all is this:  It is held on what can be the loneliest day of the year for the care leaver: Christmas Day.  Off camera one young adult guest was overwhelmed.   She said “Is this a trick?”.  Another young adult asked “Am I dreaming?”.   For those young people who have suffered nightmares I hadn’t  dared think  The Christams Dinner organizers  could make dreams.  But they can.  I set up The Christmas Dinners with the primary aim of high standards low beaurocracy.   Community action.

One of the greatest ways our community can help the “care system” is to separate the two words and understand which word of the two is most important to the person who needs it.  I write this blog from Ethiopia where many people know all about The Christmas Dinners in England. I met an Ethiopian student in Addis Ababa who had received an email from his college in Oxford   about The Christmas Dinner!.

9 thoughts on ““Am I Dreaming?””

  1. It’s the most thoughtful, heart warming and caring way to celebrate Christmas. Many of my friends in Ethiopia and all my FB friends know about it. You are amazing, Lemn.

  2. Mr Sissay
    This is perfect.
    I couldn’t have put it better myself .
    Looking forward to listening more and watching you listen. Some would say a true challenge for both of us. I suspect we will rise to this challenge, as we do bigger ones.
    Thank you for inviting me to be part of the dream making. It is a privilege and an honour.
    Go raibh míle maith agat mo chats dhílis ; Lemn

    Lisa Murphy
    Hackney Christmas Dinner.

  3. You know I’ve been thinking of what you’ve written in your write on blog and I read Ann Tyler for the folkie America she describes of families and relationships which she describes in such a calm measured style filled with great perception which settles my nervous system down and creates a feeling of contentment inside me as I switch off from the chaos that rushes through my mind .. I like her simple but well written stories because when I was growing up American Culture was such an influence through music and the Pictures .. it’s comforting to me ..
    I don’t just read Ann Tyler I have become
    very struck by Colm Toibin the Irish Writet recently his books are so powerful and stunning and I love losing myself in them as I miss Irish.. people
    It’s not easy writing on this IPhone key board I can tell you but I wanted to writ more to you ..
    I wish wish you well Lemn

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