The Care Leavers Christmas Video

Thank you so much to all those who gave  generously to The Christmas Dinner appeal.   Here are some of the people from the Christmas dinner that you helped create.

Thankyou also  to each  person and company who contributed  presents, beautiful venues and scrumptious food.  Thanks to the chefs and volunteers and to each steering group in Hackney Leeds and Manchester. And to Pure Insight in Stockport. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “The Care Leavers Christmas Video”

  1. What a great finale to 2015: you are raising every bar in terms of awareness of care leavers- ( great and amusing article in last Sat’s Guardian!). There is a puppeteer called Marcus Clarke ( who left care and developed a career in Hollywood – ( he’s about fifty nine now), has come back to Nottingham (where I live – we went to the same school) but I
    never knew he’d been in care. I mentioned your work to him and he asked me if I would introduce him to you? He is on Facebook and wants to help you in this work? All the very best Paula Sharratt

  2. Can I please come back next year? I had the best Christmas in a long long time. In fact I will never sit on my backside filling my face on Christmas day again. There’s plenty of time for that on boxing day . I’m still getting a feel good glow from it watching the video!
    The guests and fellow hosts were supportive and the most fun. Who wouldn’t want that….
    Thank you so much

  3. What Lovely young people, they’re a breath of fresh air! A real reminder to not be complacent, life is about what we can share and find value in. So glad they each got to feel as special as they truly deserve!

    Good on you Lemn and all those who participated.

  4. Hi Lemn just watched your care leavers cmas video how great was that, care leavers need all the help they can get especially at cmas, I am the lady who bumped into you at Manchester Piccadilly Anne Furness, I grew up in care and I know how lonely cmas can be, altho I had lots of friends who always used to invite me to their houses. I haven’t read any of your books yet but I will try, always busy working etc etc. My husband is a farmer and works long hours so I have to look after him but I will look into volunteering for you next year, as I know I would enjoy it.

    Warm regards

    Anne Furness

  5. Hi Lemn.
    Not sure of the Christmas Dinner date but I would be happy to donate cheesecakes if you still need some dessert options.
    Just let me know if you do.

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