Manchester Christmas Dinner Needs Help

1470356_389225524542637_928477369_nAll we hear  in the press is the negative news about what happened to young care leavers – This is a positive story.  The Manchester Christmas Dinner is a free  Christmas dinner for Care Leavers  between 16 and 25,and a 15  mile radius (or so)  of Manchester.  I’m a care leaver myself.  I know what Christmas day can be like.

The Manchester Christmas Dinner has a Chef – he works for both Manchester United And Manchester City football teams.  We have the food and decorations supplied by Booths . We have presents galore from The Businesses of Manchester. What’s not to like.  Choir-1 We need volunteers and we need referrals. 

We need volunteers for a few hours in Manchester on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas day. If you would like to volunteer please email here . A form will be sent to you immediately. Then fill it in and return it.   Can you contribute the most precious commodity of all – time

christmasWe need referrals. We also accept self referrals. Last year we were full to over flowing. It will be the same this year. Get in first. Fill in the  Referral Form  and email it to the address on the form.

There will be films and games and laughter,  Video games,  karaoke and all the stuff that makes a Christmas Day.  Mother and baby facilities available.

This is their Christmas. This is our Christmas. This is your Christmas.  Thanks from The Manchester Christmas Dinner Team and thanks to KEY 103.

6 thoughts on “Manchester Christmas Dinner Needs Help”

  1. Dear Lemn,
    Just want to wish you Christmas cheer and say thank you for challenging us all to feel and think out loud. That is a rare gift.
    Bless you. XxX

  2. i’d like to second the above! I’ve actually seen you about a couple of times Lemn, including in Sainsburys today, (and wanted to whoop / grin / embrace you) as that felt the most appropriate response to suddenly finding you in my midst, but you don’t know me and so would probably feel a tad overwhelmed! Suffice to say you are a huge inspiration, a beautifully resonant and magnanimous spirit in a very battle weary world.
    Go well this winter and draw deep. X

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