How Christmas Dinner 2013 was organised.

VUnN5EDzoo33KOJkxj1ahEbqHpnIp5IbfgBtn_CU23UAll details of how the team organised The Christmas Dinner 2013 for care leavers are within this blog.  Sally and The Tope Project who did a Christmas Dinner in London in  2012 inspired me to instigate The Christmas Dinner  for Manchester. Here’s how. On 25th February 2013 I wrote Sally at Tope  “I want to set up two Christmas for care leavers bartevents. One  in Manchester and one in Bradford. They should carry The Tope Project’s name so his legacy spreads.”  Sally invited me to a Tope steering group meeting on May 9th 2013. The conclusion of that meeting was that The How To guide would show me how to continue. But it hadn’t been created yet.

aQinf3EfTfW5q7_g_D6mxTqZs87dbYUyRi2ug6nnc6sI received the incredible How To Guide on October 1st 2013.  On page 5/6  it offered two options for how I should frame the work in Manchester. The first was that if I were to use “The Tope project name” my team need ratification by the Tope steering group.  The second was that I organiseThe Christmas Dinner independently using the guide but “not the Tope Project name”.   It wasn’t logistically possible to get ratification in time for Christmas due to the Tope steering group schedule and the closeness of Christmas so I tookthe only option possible –  the second option. The Tope Project How to guide was the key to our projects success. I would publish it but I haven’t permission. To ask about The How To Guide then please write to  Ruth Stiveypin:

IMG_3426Okay so here’s how we did it in the North. Click for a general summary of the Christmas 2013 and click for  the 19  blogs I wrote from the start of  The Christmas Dinner 2013.  Click here for  video’s and BBC coverage.  And click on the  following   press articles about The Christmas Dinner 2013:     Mancunian Matters  16th Nov 2013,    The Guardian 28th Nov 2013,  Crowdfunder wall of fame  Dec  2013,   Crowdfunder Campaign, Quay News    Dec 2013,  Yahoo News Dec 10th 2013

IMG_3418The latter will  give you the full picture. The Christmas Dinner 2014  team met on 30th July to review 2013.  I’m  proud of the professionalism. We accept no funds for administration.  We have a creative approach to meetings and to the dinner.We  trust each other to deliver on our central purpose. We’re rigorous. Write to us at

Photo:  top 1st, The Team,  2nd Rod Kippen of The  Team,  3rd  A wrapping volunteer helps  on Christmas eve,  4th, volunteers and team prepare the venue on Christmas eve.

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