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    1. Absolutely. Thankyou Keith. We did it in 5 group meetings spread over 3 months from October 6th to December 25th. The Christmas Dinner (for care leavers between 18 and 25) galvanizes community in protecting its young and vulnerable. I believe care leavers to be amongst the strongest members of our community but on Christmas Day they are under emotional attack. We protect them.

  1. Looking at your posts rather belatedly. Am gearing up (for too long perhaps!) to start writing poems again. Reading and watching your stuff is part of trying to rev my creative engines.

    Anyway, this Christmas event was a great thing…a big big deal. I know this not because I have been deprived of one but because our family christmases are the most special thing I do every year. I live for that time. My siblings, their spouses, every growing number of nieces and nephews and my parents (now only mum) pool money and food. We have a big lunch and for the last many years, stay on for 3-7 days at my sister’s house in the country. The men do the barbeque (?), we talk and talk in big groups, small groups, one on one and we jog, walk and even play outdoor games. Now, the teenagers have their room (watching movies endlessly) and the kids have their corner around a keyboard and also a movie screen. We also take up nooks of the house each reading a book. Neighbors now look forward to popping in at the Gatheru family pilgrimage. Until one by one we drop out of the holiday and back to our homes for the new year.

    Its not always all bliss. Christmas 2008 I got into such a big fight with everyone over our alcoholic dad – I left in the night..its an hour back to my place. My day died the next July and I reconciled with my family at his funeral.

    It may not be christmas, but all families have some ritual or tradition that bind them. Thanks for realizing this and taking all that trouble to organize your event. If you can, make it a tradition. One day, a fight might even break out as you all get to know each other better – as you become family.

    Bity Wamuyu

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