The Past The Present & The Gift: Mary Anne Hobbs #TCD2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 05.40.50 It’s 5am Christmas Eve.  I’m staying  in the Northern Quarter in Manchester  for The Chrsitmas Dinner.  Throughout today I’ll share different aspects, different elements,  to  The Christmas Dinner. .  The first is is  Mary Ann Hobbs.   She’s supported the Christmas dinner from the moment she heard of it  and she’ll be there tomorrow on Christmas day and she’s offering something special to each diner. The tweet above is everything she needs to to make it happen.

Each diner can sit with Mary Ann and choose a favourite song (tune)  from their past. Mary will source  it and they’ll listen.  It is an intimate sound connection.  Then the diner chooses their favourite  song from the present  and again  Mary Ann will source and play.  Finally    Mary Ann will choose  one tune   as a gift.  These three tunes will then be burned to a CD. The Past The Present and The Gift.      #TCD2013

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