Thankyou crowdfunders #TCD2013

IMG_3174If you have a good idea for the community in Britain there is a way to make it happen. Thankyou Louise Wallwein from The Christmas Dinner team. Louise had the idea to approach to raise money for my vision.  Thankyou Sarah Sturmey of The Christmas Dinner team. Sarah stepped forward with her Charity to look after the money raised at Crowdfunder. Most importantly Crowdfunder glavanised us.  They  bought into the vision of A Christmas Dinner in The North West for care leavers between 18 and 25. Two months later and our  target of £5,000 has doubled. This means we are  on our way to funding 2014 and we are fully funded for 2013. The Christmas Dinner Team appreciate each  donation.  Thankyou from  them and from myself.  You have made  the world of difference:       

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photo: Top by  Yusra Warsama, Bottom by  Salford Tedx



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