We only have seven days left to crowdfund to reach 10,000 total. Then we have funded this and and much of next years Christmas Dinner.  Wharehouse Project have offered VIP Festival ticket sales to The Christmas Dinner. All finance raised goes to The Christmas Dinner.  They are supporting us.  But there is seven days left  on The Christmas Dinner Crowdfunder  site where the tickets are available. Here are the tickets and their websites. Remember to go to Crowdfunder to pledge.

A £290 pledge rewards you with 2 VIP tickets to Outlook festival Croatia.
A £290 pledge rewards you with 2 VIP tickets to Hideout Festival Croatia
A £300 pledge rewards you with a full Wharehouse Project Season pass

NEWS JUST IN:   Mary Anne Hobbs dropped in to The Wharehouse Project to  thank them for supporting The Christmas Dinner. Sasha who runs Wharehouse Project has now offered  each care leaver a weekend pass ticket to PARK LIFE WEEKENDER.  What a wonderful thing. Please tell people about the tickets sale. We have seven days left.


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