Light breaches darkness every single day

It’s 10am I’m at the Kings Cross junction . Three cyclists jump red traffic  lights.  I have my headphones on but still  I heard him.  “Six people died doing that last week” said the cyclist next to me and then he zoomed off on green. Was he talking about the cyclists who jumped the lights or cyclists with  headphones on. I was disturbed by it. Let’s go back  four and an half hours. I wake  at 5.30am.  Dreams fall  down as I get up and all I can think  is how am  I to describe it – the morning. It takes an hour and then I  let the tweet out of its cage. It’s not refined but it goes out all the same. “Light breaches darkness every single day. Light wins every time.  Sunrise”.  It might mean shit to you but it means alot to me.

It’s 7.10am  and I’m out the door I’m  sucking in the sky  and sun rise. My headphones are filled with Nils Frahm.  I’m on foot I’m running. At 8.10am I am back in my place. I’m  taking a shower. I  do nearly 5k.   I ‘ve put on weight since I stopped smoking.  At 8.45 I’m having a scheduled phone interview with The Mancunian about The Christmas Dinner. At 9.15am I start my cycle four miles to Kings Cross and that’s where the man told me about the six people dying.DSC_1812
Photo by despecto

It’s 10.15am I’m having an impromptu photoshoot  in The Court Room of The Foundling Museum.  It’s 10.45am and I am meeting Caro Howell the director and Stuart Sam Hughes, the muralist, who will realize a project of mine at The Foundling.  Thank you Jeremy Deller. Mr Deller (a trustee of The Foundling Museum)  suggested Stuart Sam Hughes work with me on a project I’m cooking for  2014. It’s a great meeting.

I’m cycling east now down Clerkenwell road  to Shoreditch house. I  have lunch with my friend who is one of  the most powerful people  in  England concerning the welfare of the child. We have coffee, we eat lunch  we laugh. I’ve known this person some thirty years now.  At 3pm I’m alone. At 4pm I receive a call.  Through Crowdfunder  The Christmas Dinner have raised £5,000 in ten days with no press.

It’s 6 pm and darkness has caught up on me.  I am on my bike .  My headphones aren’t working. I have no back light. I’m all back to front. It’s a strange week.   I’m on  Bethnal Green road just before Brick Lane.  I’m trying to get my headphones in while cycling. My foot slips,  my knee hits the frame,  I slip off my seat onto the crossbar and there’s a crunch.

I shout. The motorbike behind me swerves.  My knee crashes down and the bike wiggles violently. I right myself to a halt.   I’m still upright. I’m shaken.  I’m bruised.  The cyclist  in front of me stops and looks back. I wave to him. I’m okay I say. I’m okay.  I drag the bike to the kerb.  I stand by the street and breath in  darkness.

4 thoughts on “Light breaches darkness every single day”

  1. Lemn, I know you love music AND cycling, but in London traffic? Plugging your ears into sweet sounds while you’re riding through these streets is dodgey. It’s not worth life or limb! You need your wits about you. And don’t give anyone an exscuse not to have seen you! Look at cyclists who aren’t dressed for the road, they disappear from view pretty quickly, they literally blend in with the tarmac. I started wearing a reflector vest after that horrific week of cyclists deaths. I stopped being nonchalant! I’m taking enough risk by cycling. I love cycling but not to death.

    1. You are correct Rhiannon. I am a very cautious cyclist. As a rule I stop at lights and crossings. I am not a zipper more a tripper. I will be careful

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