The Christmas Dinner needs a chef

I hoped we would get past the halfway mark fo167675-south-park-chef-2r The Christmas Dinner and we did. Just click on the link on the right of the chef and you can pledge skills, money, goods or all three. You can write us too here.

The Christmas Dinner needs a Chef.  Chef  is the most important person of the day.  If there is no chef there’s nobody eating. We have organic vegetables donated by Unicorn Grocery. We have organic Turkeys donated by Baileys Turkeys.   We have the central Christmas  cake provided by Jill at Arvon Foundation but the overall cakery – The CAKERATION – will be provided by Sugar and Spice Cakes in Prestwich. In my book all these donors  are the pride of the North West and the Nation.

If we hit our target on  crowd funder    we will have everything needed to make a memorable magical Christmas Dinner for young adult care leavers.

The kind donors deserve their food to be presented in the best possible way. And the young adult care leavers deserve it too.   This will make an unforgettable Christmas day.   We have some Christmas presents. We could do with more.  We have a secret location. We need decorations.  We need volunteers, we need other food,  we need decorations, we need transport  You want to get involved then click on the crowd funding link on the right.  And most of all thankyou.  Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.

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One thought on “The Christmas Dinner needs a chef”

  1. Great idea, but the crowdfunder doesn’t give a breakdown of the costs, which work out at £125 a dinner.

    I want to pledge but would like to know more.

    Are people being paid for their time on this or is it voluntary, please?

    How do the costs break down, please?

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