Christmas: The tunnel and the light.

I know alot of people but Christmas can be difficult and remains  family-less.  I say this because The Tope Project is a brilliant idea for care-leavers in the UK. It’s a volunteer project aiming to combat loneliness at Christmas for care-experienced young people.

Could you help them? They are looking for stocking fillers, presents, donations, food or anything else that could help at their Christmas party in London.    You can contact them via and on twitter  Their Interim landing page (‘til they  get a website) is  or

I have various things I want to give them. I have an ipod and  a Twelve string guitar in quality condition, and if I take a proper look I’ll have some other things to give.  This project is something to be celebrated. Christmas is  when we tunnel back into our own stories.  Help them find happiness in theirs.   Come on London. Make a difference. Support this project. There’s only eight weeks to go.

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  1. Thanks Lemn, we are really proud to be involved in this inspiring project & feel sure it will make a difference. Thanks for your donations too!

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